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Attune Documentation Restructured

We’ve restructured the Attune documentation to align with DIVIO’s documentation system. The documentation system was a pleasure to write and improving our documentation.

Documentation hinges on the reader’s ability to understand and apply it.

You will find the Attune documentation easy to understand and faster to access the information you’re looking for.

Documentation System

Tutorials, how-to guides, technical references, and explanations.

Attune Documentation

When it comes to writing effective software documentation, there’s an important insight that elevates the quality: documentation isn’t a monolithic entity, but rather a quartet of distinct types.

These types are tutorials, how-to guides, technical references, and explanations. Each serves a unique role, fulfils a specific need, and thus necessitates a tailored approach in its crafting.

Daniele Procida presents – What nobody tells you about documentation. This talk was given at PyCon Australia 2017.

Post Written by Brenton Ford

I am an experienced Senior Systems Architect and Co-Founder at AttuneOps. I have aided organisations in eliminating repetitive tasks, streamlining processes, and boosting delivery velocity.


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