Attune Features

Discord Support
Get assistance with our Discord Support
Single Sign-on
Multi user support via LDAP
24/7 Phone Support
Always available: 24/7 Phone Support
Enterprise Only
Role Based Access Controls
Multi user support via LDAP
Log of user actions
Enterprise Only
Dashboard - Active Job Status
Displays progress of running jobs
Enterprise Only
Multi Project Support
Isolate Blueprints and Parameters between Projects
Project Blueprint Merging
Merge Blueprints between projects
Project Blueprint Linking
Link Blueprints between projects
GIT Version control
Track project changes and collaborate through GIT repos
Self-service Portal
Easily accessible automated workflows for the business
Centralised Scheduler
Centralise scheduler of automation
Centralised Storage
Centralise the storage of files deployed with automated jobs
Advanced File Generator
Configure files while running a job
Document Generation
Automated document generation to meet industry ITIL requirements
Rapid Automation Development
Design, Plan, and Run
Portable Blueprints
Import, export, and share Blueprints
Error and log capturing
Historical logs for future investigation
Implicit Error Checking
Job stop on error detection at any step
Resume Job From After Error
Update or correct scripts and continue the job from the failed step
Virtual Host APIs

  • Recreate virtual machines
  • Shutdown, Boot and Reboot
  • Install operating systems
  • Add disk space
  • Add network adapters
VMWare Workstation
Physical Host APIs

  • Shutdown, Boot and Reboot
  • Install operating systems
DELL iDrac (redfish APIs)
Automated Operating System Installation
Windows 10
Windows 2016 Server
Windows 2019 Server
RHEL/CentOS 7/8 Linux