Complete Environment Builds and Upgrades

Orchestrate your Environment Builds and Upgrades while Minimising Outages

Attune can run steps on multiple servers, as multiple users, within the one Job, enabling environment wide coordination.

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You can automate the build and rebuild of physical and virtual machines

from installing and configuring the operating system through to the deployment and configuration of applications and services.

Your companies knowledge will be captured and the developed

procedures will accelerate your future builds.

Spin up additional environments

for your test, development or training projects with ease.

Case Study

A government owned Electricity Distribution Utility providing connection and supply of electricity to 2.3 million customers.

Their Problem

The company had a billion dollar programme of works to merge two poles and wires businesses. Their control system upgrade was on their critical path.

Their control system is a 30 server environment with seven unique server types. The instructions to build these unique server types is a complex process of 400+ tasks per server type.

The project was relying on two key critical resources with the business knowledge and technical expertise to deliver the control system upgrade.
Progress had stalled while trying to squeeze their cutover process into the two day cutover window.

Our Solution

Attune was implemented along with specialist system integrators to uplift their existing instructions and workflows to automate and orchestrate the server builds. The specialist system integrators worked closely with the key critical resources to develop and debug the process and support the team through cutover and onto system support.

With the instructions completed in Attune, the client successfully progressed to perform a full stack build and complete their cutover in the assigned outage window.

Attune Benefits

Attune has captured the knowledge to build the clients control system environment, this has provided the client with the capability to rapidly spin up additional TEST and DEV environments for other projects in their programme of works.

The client now has complete and documented build procedures to rapidly rebuild their servers and environments as required. This knowledge will be carried forward to accelerate future projects.

If we had Attune at the start of the project, we’d be sitting back drinking pina coladas.

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