Environment Wide Patching

Orchestrate and Schedule your Environment Wide Patching Solution

Attune can run steps on multiple servers, as multiple users, within the one Job, enabling environment wide coordination.

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You can automate and orchestrate the deployment of operating system and application patching throughout your network.

Accelerate the deployment of your security patching through automation.

Optimise the productivity of your key resources by simplifying by automating your patching workflows.

Your Challenge

Patch management is a core element of maintaining stable and secure IT infrastructure, however deploying the latest security patches is difficult, slow and causes system outages. If issues arise, rolling back a patch deployment is equally if not more difficult than rolling out the patch.

  • You want to decouple security patches from functional patches.
  • Your patching need to be tested before being deployed in production.
  • Your rollback process needs to be proven and readily available.
  • Your patch deployment needs to be proven to minimise system outages.
  • You need to patch significant threats immediately.

Our Solution

Security breaches can be prevented with regular patching. We propose an automated and orchestrated process to deploy patches frequently and rollback as required. An automated process will minimise and possibly eliminate outages providing the business confidence to rollout patches frequently.

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