Raspberry Pi Ubuntu First Login

Exported on 04-Sep-2021 21:02:08

First Login in Ubuntu on Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi Ubuntu OS installation forces a password change on the first login.

This is a simple blueprint that has a single interactive step to change the password for the Ubuntu default account.

After running this blueprint you should look into the Ubuntu OS Hardening Attune blueprint.


Name Type Script Reference Default Value Comment
Linux Node Linux / Unix Server linuxNode
Ubuntu Default User Linux OS Credential ubuntuDefaultUser The default Ubuntu user account.
Ubuntu Default User Password Linux OS Credential ubuntuDefaultUserPassword The default Ubuntu user account and default password.

1 - Ubuntu First Time Login - Raspberry Pi

Run a simple status command to trigger the Ubuntu first time login password reset.

This step has the following parameters

Name Script Reference Default Value
Ubuntu Default User {ubuntuDefaultUser.password}
Ubuntu Default User Password {ubuntuDefaultUserPassword.password}
The connection details have changed from the last step.

Login as user on node

Connect via SSH
ssh user@hostname
This is a Bash Script make sure you run it with bash -l from a terminal session

This step will require you to answer the following prompts.

Prompt Answer
Current password: {ubuntuDefaultUserPassword.password}
New password: {ubuntuDefaultUser.password}
Retype new password: {ubuntuDefaultUser.password}