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Supports Popular Scripting Languages

Easy-to-understand steps using common scripting languages that System Administrators are already familiar with.

Automate and orchestrate your scripts, commands, and processes exactly as they would be manually typed into your devices.

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  • Batch
  • PowerShell
  • Bash
  • Python
  • Perl
  • SQL
  • PL/SQL

Fix Scripts and Resume Automation Jobs

Attune’s game-changing ability to fix scripts and resume automation jobs from where they stopped empowers you to create automation significantly faster than any other product.

Before Attune, an error in an automation job meant restarting your whole automation job from the beginning.

Imagine that your automation job takes half an hour to run, and it errors out at 15 minutes, 20 minutes then 25 minutes. Each time you fix these errors, with Attune you resume the job and save yourself a sizeable amount of time.


Debug your Running Scripts

Automate. Faster.

Attune empowers System Administrators to automate tasks seamlessly.

With Attune, you have the flexibility to pause, modify, skip, or initiate jobs from any point in the process, providing greater control and efficiency.

“If we had AttuneOps’s Attune at the beginning we’d be sitting back drinking Piña colada”

James, System Administrator

Self-Service Portal

Our Self-Service Portal fixes the headache of constant interruptions.

Anyone in the organisation can run jobs on demand, as needed, without forcing system administrators to repeatedly task switch


Powerful Multi-Server Coordination

Attune can run steps on multiple servers, as multiple users, within the one Job, enabling environment wide coordination.

Full-stack orchestration

Build physical servers from bare metal with DELL’s iDRAC. Attune uses the redfish APIs to shutdown, boot, reboot, and install the operating system on physical servers.

Spin up and rebuild virtual machines, increase disk space, add network adapters, and install operating systems.

  • iDRAC
  • ESXi
  • VMWare Workstation
  • oVirt
  • RHEV
  • KVM
  • Parallels
  • VirtualBox


Multi Server Coordination


Transparent knowledge

Attune acts as a knowledge hub, centralising support team information and logs while adhering to ITIL standards. It enables the export of automated procedures as manual instructions for uninterrupted workflow in isolated environments.

Centralise Knowledge and AUTOMATE your Documentation

Centralise software, installers, databases, configuration files, processes, and capture logs for Windows, Linux and macOS devices.

Capture your Knowledge

Documentation is generated by Attune.

Export the step by step manual instructions of the procedures to meet industry ITIL requirements.


Server Automation documentation


Portable and Sharable Procedures

Attune’s Projects can be exported to a file or pushed to a GIT repository, then imported or pulled into another Attune instance.

Attune Projects contain all the scripts, comments, and even files or installers, ready to drop into another Attune instance for execution.

Attune has parameters, used to create reusable procedures.

Parameters take the place of servers, strings, passwords, usernames, and more.

Reusable procedures reduces time, effort, and improve quality assurance.


Sharable IP


Simplify Scheduled Tasks

Simplify your teams management of scheduled tasks across the data centre.

Attune has a built in job scheduler that centralises the management of scheduled tasks across Windows and Linux servers.


server automation robots planting Attune


We’ve helped organisations eliminate the mundane repetitive tasks and streamline their processes to increase their velocity of project delivery

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Reduce your Workload

Be the Hero that Unlocks a 10x ROI


4x faster
Production System Upgrade Go-Live

Ensuring that systems are
up-to-date, supportable, and compliant

42x faster
Complex Integrated Server Builds

Reducing the risks associated with staff turnover and
increasing staff capacity

41% faster
Dataset Reloads

Streamlining the daily
ITIL change management processes

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