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Attune is a Flexible IT Automation Solution

That can be configured to perform any task that a System Administrator could enter into a terminal.


your automated procedure(s) using popular scripting languages.


your automated deployment(s) configuration.


or schedule your automated task(s).

Build With Your Favourite Scripting Languages

Attune is an agentless solution that connects to operating systems with WinRM and ssh protocols. Attunes steps are written in the popular shell scripting languages.

Rapidly build your first Attune Blueprint copying your existing scripts to begin your automation journey.

  • Batch
  • PowerShell
  • Bash
  • Python
  • Perl
  • SQL
  • PL/SQL

Rapidly Debug Your Scripts and Continue The Job

Attune provides the ability to modify scripts in the steps during a running job without requiring the job to be restarted.

Traditionally an error in a procedure could stop the entire process, requiring the process to be restarted. By writing steps that remain unchanged when run multiple times, these steps can be tested and re-tested without refreshing the system and the job can be continued.

Rapidly deliver automated procedures with Attune’s simple in job debugging and editing.

Debug your Script
Sharable IP

Portable, Sharable Procedures

Your team can export Attune’s procedures to a file, and then import them into another Attune. These procedure exports contain all the scripts, comments, and even archives or installers, ready to drop into another Attune server and execute.

Attune has variables, used to create reusable procedures.

Variables take the place of servers, strings, passwords, usernames, and more.

Reusable procedures reduces time, effort, and improve quality assurance.

full stack orchestration with Attune

Full-stack orchestration

Build physical servers from bare metal with DELL’s iDRAC. Attune uses the redfish APIs to shutdown, boot, reboot, and install the operating system on physical servers.

Spin up and rebuild virtual machines, increase disk space, add network adapters, and install operating systems.

  • iDRAC
  • ESXi
  • VMWare Workstation
  • oVirt
  • RHEV
  • KVM
  • Parallels
  • VirtualBox

Powerfully Simple Multi-Server Coordination

Attune can run steps on multipe servers, as multiple users, within the one Job, enabling environment wide coordination.

Multi Server Coordination
Server Automation documentation

Simplify Scheduled Tasks

Simplify your teams management of scheduled tasks across the data centre. Attune has a built in job scheduler that centralises the management of scheduled tasks across Windows and Linux servers.

Automated Document Generation

Attune inherently captures and centralises your support team’s knowledge.

Captures logs of jobs in a centralised location. Historical logs are archived for future investigation.

Industry ITIL requirements have driven Attunes unique design to generate and export the step by step documentation.

Your team can export the automated procedures as instructions to run the steps manually. This is helpful for working in an isolated environment without Attune access.

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