Case Study

Your Challenge

To deploy the GravityZone Bitdefender Endpoint Security Tools (BEST) to hundred’s or thousand’s devices that are distributed across multiple regions.

Bitdefender GravityZone is an enterprise security solution for Medium to Very Large organisations. GravityZone is a business-agile enterprise-grade solution that helps organisations secure data while preserving systems performance and users productivity.

Methods used available to deploy BEST:

  • Physically login into each individual machine and install BEST,
    • time consuming,
    • resource intensive.
  • Deploy BEST from GravityZone,
    • requires the end user to complete the installation on the device,
    • some end users don’t have the capability to install the software.

Our Solution

AttuneOps developed a solution in Attune to deploy and install the GravityZone security agent to a list of agents on the network.

The automated process identifies which devices are without the BEST services running that are online and connected to the network. Attune orchestrates the deployment of the BEST installer and starts the installer service. At this point the BEST installer will complete the installation and establish the devices connection with GravityZone.

To catch the nodes that were offline during the initial deployment, Attune will be scheduled to run the BEST deployment procedure periodically. While this schedule is configured to run, Attune will also catch new nodes as they’re connected to the network.

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