Professional Services

AttuneOps provides Professional Services for Attune IT Automation, specialists that work interdependently to deliver the best solutions that exceed our client’s needs.

Our Attune IT Automation solutions include:

System Configuration

  • User Management
    (Local Account, Active Directory)
  • Services


  • Provision environments/systems
  • Software/applications


  • Operating System
  • Software/applications


  • Servers
  • Datasets


  • Systems
  • Servers
  • Datasets


  • End-of-life
  • Performance
  • Security and Compliance

Project Managers

AttuneOps’s team of infrastructure specialists are the experts on Operational & Information Technology infrastructure and Attune IT Automation. Their specialities include:

  • Design, build and maintain efficient, reusable and reliable Attune projects,
  • Support maintaining Attune project quality,
  • Perform system monitoring and analysis,
  • Configure internal systems,
  • Diagnose and troubleshoot technical issues,
  • Upgrade the network infrastructure,
  • Install servers, workstations and devices,
  • Perform software/application patching,
  • Setup and train new system users,
  • Monitor the performance of servers, software and hardware,
  • Ensure the smooth deployment of new applications,
  • Update technical documentation.

Project Managers

AttuneOps’s team of project managers are experts in delivering Attune IT Automation. Their specialities include:

  • Create detailed project execution plans,
  • Provide clear communication, status updates and engagement with clients,
  • Ensure project deliverables are being delivered to a high standard,
  • Execute on the project plan, plan resources and track progress,
  • Ensure all dependencies and roadblocks are resolved, and
  • Deliver project using agile methodologies with full knowledge capture and detailed task tracking.

The project managers ensure that clients are engaged and deal internally with AttuneOps’s teams to ensure the right resources are working on the right solution.


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